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Jei Fabiane Maricas Title

Kuzumbo records is proud to announce the release of Jei Fabiane’s “Maricas” video, the 3rd and last video off of the debut EP Chico Raro. 

Directed by Juan Palacios with the assistance of Marshall Leonard and shot in the Lower East Side and Greenpoint in New York City. 

Maricas tells a real-life story lived by Jei from his days in Bogota, a story of bullies and revenge in a world that loves to hide reality.

“This EP is dedicated to all the people who have been able to accept who they are in front of society, and to those who haven’t been accepted, and for that have left us” -Jei Fabiane “I want that young and scared someone to listen to the song and think “Hey, that’s what I am, it’s who we are, we are here, we exist, and that’s OK””

Kuzumbo records wants to thank all the people who made this video possible with such limited resources. This was a labor of love and community lending a hand to create something beautiful.

Video Credits

Maricas by Jei Fabiane
Directed by: Juan Palacios
Produced by: Kuzumbo records/Adrian is hungry
Director Assistant:  Marshall Leonard
Production Assistant: Loly Bonilla
Dance and Coreography: Maryi Castillo, Marcia Castañeda
Actors: Esteban Calderon, Jose Alegria, Fabio Puentes, Laura Pedraza, Rennata Soler, Diana Hernández.
Make-Up: Daniela Cardozo, Jei Fabiane
Costume: Charles Vigney, Kuzumbo records, Daniela Cardozo, Jei Fabiane

Song Credits

Written by: Jei Osorio
Produced by: Prince of Queens

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